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Kini: Magnificent location

More than a simple village of Syros.

The picturesque fishing village of Kini is located 9 km west of Ermoupolis, a few km from Galissas. Kini is a famous tourist resort for its succulent sea foods and fresh fish as well as its magnificent sunsets with their incredible harmony of colours, and its fine view over the sea. At the small and quaint port many boats moor during the summer creating a beautiful setting for all visitors. The village has a couple of beautiful churches and monasteries to see. The most interesting is the Monastery of Agia Varvara with a wonderful view to Kini village. Inside the monastery you can aslo visit the weaving workshop.

Beautiful beaches towards Kini

Nearby beaches are Lotos and Dolphin. The northern beaches towards Kini is Varvaroussa, Aetos, Lia and Grammata, but their access is only by boat. The boat routes are regularly throughout the day.

Delfini 6

Delfini 8

Delfini 3

Kini Beach 5

Kini Beach 6


Lotos 2

Lotos 3




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